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How to Order

After the initial brief and a potential site visit, Sam will produce working sketches and propose materials for the piece.

Once a design has been agreed a deposit payment of £500 becomes due, redeemable against the final cost of the commission.

Detailed design drawings are then produced together with a list of the various materials to be employed, alongside to-scale computer aided drawings, and, if required, full colour, 3D drawings, including the ability to view the new commission positioned in the space in which it is commissioned for. (this service comes at a nominal extra cost).

Once all aspects of the design and materials are agreed together with the cost of the commission a time line is agreed and scheduled into the workshops' timetabling.

A second payment is then requested, typically 50% of the balance. The piece goes into construction and is delivered only when the makers are entirely happy with every aspect of the piece and its design, at which point the final balance becomes due.

Occasionally longer projects will require more regular, monthly, payments, agreed with the client by contract prior to starting.

Sam encourages clients to be interactive during the design process, after all, each commission is unique and tailored to fit exactly each clients requirements, so the more the client gets involved the more the piece becomes personal to them.

Clients are also more than welcome to visit the workshops during production to view work in progress, subject to arrangement.

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