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Sam's ability to both design with great imagination and finish with great skill and finesse is what sets him apart and turns his furniture in to art

-Nick and Janey Downshire


Unique in the truest sense of the word

Individual commissions follow an informal meeting.

Sam will listen, to determine the type of piece you have in mind and any distinctive styling to be incorporated.

This can mean simple design patterns, but can often include more decorative characteristics, like illustrations or depictions of the client's life: subtle references to dates, names and places, interests and passions. Past projects have featured mosaics of maps, estate plans, animals, planes, cars and historical references.

After the initial brief, Sam will provide outline design drawings and propose materials. A timeline will be agreed before production begins.

Furniture is like art. It ignites our aesthetic desire.

Distinctive, original and elegant, Sam Anderson Fine Furniture is furniture as art - to be admired today and forever. Contact us for an informal consultation.