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The Turtle Logo

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A question that I am often asked by clients is the origin of the Sam Anderson Turtle logo that is branded in silver and incorporated into every piece of Spectrum furniture we produce.

A family holiday to Sri Lanka was what cemented my interest in Turtles. My family were lucky enough to have had the chance to see the Turtles in their natural habitat, a habitat that is threatened constantly from environmental changes brought about by climate change. The environment is an issue SAFF feels passionately about, we are committed to working and producing our furniture in an ecologically responsible and sustainable way. We only use timbers and veneers from our own stock or from reputable merchants and only in instances when the need cannot be met with our own stock. All of our waste materials are either burnt during the winter months in the workshop or disposed of as ecologically as possible, and in our own humble way we are proud to be making a difference.

Another reason we feel Turtles represent the Sam Anderson brand so well is their strength and ability to endure the elements, something we feel can be said about the furniture we produce. We can’t help but also draw comparisons to being an independent business competing with much larger furniture companies like the Ikeas of the world and holding our own, in the same way Turtles exhibit this same show of independence and strength as they make their way through the big blue sea.

Lastly, like Turtles, our furniture aesthetic is both beautiful and functional.

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