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Tuck Box Image

Tuck Box

For the Shooting Industry

A bespoke portable box to entertain your guests either in the field from the boot of a 4x4 or in a designated Shoot Room, this stand alone box will for fill all your requirements!

Measuring 410mm (h) x 360mm (w) x 560mm (d)

Constructed from English walnut, with contrasting internal drawer fronts. The front lid panel can also personalised by inlaying with the owner's Shoot name, Estate name, clients Crest or even a favourite game bird!

This box serves 8 guests.

PDF The Field Mar 2018

We are absolutely delighted with our shoot box - it has been greatly admired by all our guests and all the accessories are well thought out and top quality!

-A satisfied customer

Hot Soup

The rear of the box houses 2 x 1 litre stainless steel thermoses and a 500ml canister for your favourite tipple total your soup to another level, for instance vodka or sherry. Easily capable of keeping your soup hot until required!

Hot Soup Image
Hot Soup Image

Top Drawer

This drawer contains 8 stainless steel shot cups and another canister of your favourite spirit, from sloe gin to cherry brandy and anything between!

The cups are held in a removable laminated tray that allows the user to hand out the cups once filled to their thirsty guests. The tray also allows the cups to be taken to the dishwasher without having to take the whole box.

Top Drawer Image

Middle Drawer

This drawer houses a 'hot box' designed for the catering industry to keep food hot for a prolonged time.

Use it to keep sausages, pies etc hot, to warm you up on those cold winter days in the field! Together with this there are two smaller canisters recessed into the top the box for condiments, mustard, ketchup etc. for that flavour sensation!

You will also find a small chopping board in this drawer and a handy fold away knife to chop up what ever food you're serving.

Middle Drawer Image

Bottom Drawer

In the bottom there are 8 thermal stainless steel mugs, also set into a laminated tray for ease of serving. Each cup comes with its own lid to keep your soup nice and hot, whilst your fingers don't get burnt! Again easy to take to the dishwasher for cleaning.

Bottom Drawer Image

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